Si Cafe Majestic


KLT: 250g | Cà phê dạng : Beans

Used for: Hand brewing

Chia sẻ:
Si Cafe Story
With the passion and dream to make the world fall in love with Vietnamese coffee, Si Cafe crafted premium coffee masterpieces that are fragrant in aroma and full in body. Each cup of Si Cafe coffee contains refinement and meticulousness for the enjoyer to feel all the essence of the coffee
Si Cafe Majestic
Along with the mild acidity and sweet aftertaste from the premium Arabica coffee beans, Si Cafe Majestic also embodies unique flavors of tropical fruits and herbs. Si Cafe Majestic owns a strong charm toward coffee drinkers with an intricate, sophisticated, and elegant style.
Ingredients 100% Specialty Arabica Coffee
Description Mellow acidity, sweet aftertaste, tropical fruits and herbal aroma
Origin Khe Sanh – Quang Tri
Net weight 250g
Method of product preparation
  • 1
    After rinsing the phin with hot water, add 20g of Si Cafe Royal
  • 2
    Brew the coffee with 30ml of boiling water in a spiral pattern from outside to inside and vice versa. Wait for the water to be absorbed and the coffee to bloom evenly
  • 3
    Afterwards, brew an additional 40ml of water in a spiral pattern, close the lid, and wait for the coffee extraction
  • 4When the coffee is almost completely extracted, gently press with the phin presser to extract all coffee
  • 5
    Enjoy the coffee

Tips to brew other good cups of coffee

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