With our desire to see the moments of relaxation and enjoyment of life in a cup of coffee for each customer, we gave life into quality coffee beans with the “From Farm To Cup” cultivation model.

As our mission, we look towards cultivation that follows the natural agriculture model, sustainable business value, economical values for the hardworking coffee farmers.


Located at the foothill of the legendary Cư M’gar volcano, the Si Cafe farm includes a poetic landscape where anyone who first visits here can feel the tranquility and freshness in every breath of wind and every chirp from birds.

We have a coffee garden preserving more than 20 species of coffee that are nurtured with a non commercial business.

With the “From Farm To Cup” model, areas for processing newly harvested coffee, greenhouse for drying after preliminary process, and factory for production and packaging are situated right inside the farm’s premise.


If Dak Lak is the coffee capital in Vietnam then Cu M’gar district is the coffee capital in Dak Lak. Cu M’gar, Dak Lak is one of the best regions for Robusta in Vietnam. Rich and fertile soil of this land is the most crucial factor in developing the best qualities of the premium coffee beans.

Each and every Si Cafe coffee beans are meticulously nurtured daily by the hands of the coffee farmers, developing strong and healthy coffee trees in the extensive highlands. During harvest season, each red ripe coffee cherries are picked to maintain quality evenly and to ensure consistency and balance in aroma and color for the following roasting batches.

To maintain the natural sweetness and bring an abundance of flavors, Si Cafe coffee beans utilize the natural processing method. This method also helps us to protect the environment and look towards long-term sustainable values.



Aiming towards sustainable development, we have defined our business principle to harmoniously connect business goals with social responsibility.

Si Cafe looks toward organic cultivation, green production, adhering to UTZ, VietGAP, and Global GAP standards to protect the environment, improve the land, and avoid negative impacts onto the natural soil resources.

Additionally, we collaborate with the Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Association to implement the “Species preservation garden” project where we gather and preserve more than 20 varieties of Robusta coffee species at Si Cafe farm, in order to assist in studies and research about Vietnamese Robusta coffee.

Furthermore, Si Cafe along with Buon Ma Thuot Coffee Association have created the “Supporting and Developing Specialty Coffee” fund to instruct, guide, and provide tools and equipment to help farmers enhance coffee quality in the processing area.